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New Minecraft Pendants


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While these pendants aren't cusomizable in the same way as our little creatures. They make a great gift for minecraft enthusiasts, and are available in a variety of materials and finishes. Choose from the EPIC 14karat Polished Gold, or the modest white plastic and paint it yourself. I personally like the steel finishes. But it's your style, you can choose.

Happy Halloween!

Craft "Pumpkin" Now!

Available for a limited time only.
This cute little kawaii style pumpkin wants to come home with you. Decorate & Color it to your hearts content. Lets see what you can create for this spooky and fun holiday.


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Pip is the first of the colorkins family. Color and craft a colorkin creature of your very own. Endless possibilities and combinations to create a full-fledged custom collectible colorkin family of your own.


Little Bear

The first in a brand new line of friends for your colorkins collection. Order today and join the fun to have your very own custom teddy bear friend designed by you and 3D printed just for you.


Craft it Now!

Download your minecraft character just by entering your user name. Use our skin editor to cusomize it. Choose from slim or classic character style. You can even enter your friends usernames.

More Friends & Features Coming Soon

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