About Us!

Hi! My name is John.

I'm a full time designer, husband, and father. But, I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades. Knowing a little about a lot of different things helps keep my creative juice flowing. I dont have any real steady hobbies to speak of because I love learning new things. Then I experiment with what i've learned. Attempting to build bridges between different islands of information, ideas, and people. Searching out that space between, where there is room for something unexpected.

Once my daughter was born, my focus shifted. But, that drive to explore didn't go away. My time to learn and experiment became limited to early mornings. On the weekend, I would try to stretch that time a little longer by getting my daughter involved. But, at a very young age it was difficult. As you might expect, our skill levels, and what we found challenging was not on the same level. I was usually working on the computer and she was using pencils, crayons, markers and paper. She admired the items that I had 3D printed and wanted her own. But, there was clearly a learning curve and some hand-eye coordination standing in our way. I tried, but quickly found that it was a bit too soon to help teach her any 3D software. I found myself frantically shouting."OMG!", "WAIT!", "NOT THAT BUTTON!", "YOU DELETED IT!", etc. It wasn’t a positive experience for her, nor was it a relaxing experience for myself. Add to that the sticky residue of honey nut cheerios on the keyboard and mouse, and I knew I needed to find a better solution. This was when the idea of the Colorkins was first born.

With a simple interface and some cute options to choose from, now she can color and customize her own creatures on the computer. The short wait between production and shipping helps to teach her that, in a world of instant gratification. Some things are special, and worth waiting for. Plus, by letting her collection grow with her. It will teach her that small efforts, over time, can yield something larger than what you could have imagined at the start.

Join in on the fun!

This project was an experiment for myself and my daughter. I hope it inspires you to find fun and wonder in your life. Thank you for helping me spread wonder, and teach my daughter some valuable lessons about work, life and personal success. If you haven't already. Try making one for yourself!

It's not just about the kids though.

You don't have to be a child to experience the joy and pride of creating your own creature. I love seeing them on my desk at work or hanging around at home. People often stop by and say "This is really cute! where did you get it?". There's something really satisfying about saying "I designed it myself and had it 3D printed.". But what comes next is my favorite part. Saying those words seems to trigger a moment of wonder and curiosity in the person I'm speaking to. I get to see a grown adult pick up something that is new and foreign to them. I get to watch as they curiously examine it. They often have to ask again "You made this?". It's not uncommon to see the excitement of child full of curiosity, experiencing something new and amazing. I live with that curiosity every day. The world is an amazing place if you keep looking deeper and deeper. Even as a young adult it can be hard to find that feeling of excitement. We know so much already. But, I find that feeling again when I'm un-boxing my latest creation. What will it look like? What will it feel like? Then I get to share that with others and sharing that excitement is a really really good feeling.

Tell Us Your Story!

Who are you? How did you find us? We would love to hear about your experience creating a colorkin. How did you feel when you were un-boxing your creation for the first time? How did people reacted to your creations when they saw them? Do you have an suggestions on what we can do better? Let us know by sending us feedback through the form below!




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