Frequently Asked Questions

Who is

Colorkins was created as a fun way to experience 3D printing for all ages. A simple interface for both young and old alike lets you customize and create your own personal 3D printed colorkin. For more information and to read our story, click here to visit the "About Us" page.

Who is Shapeways?

Shapeways is the 3D Printing partner that we at work with to have your creation brought to life. They handle printing, packaging, shipment, and payment processing. They're a great team of people who specialize in 3D printing and provide a wonderful platform for bringing ideas like this to life. By choosing Shapeways as our partner, it allows us at colorkins to focus on bringing you new features and products, rather than spending time on order processing. It's a win win!

What is my colorkin made out of?

Each colorkin is made of "Sandstone". It's not actual sandstone, but looks and feels very much like it. In fact, it looks and feels so much like it, that no other name seemed fitting. But, it's actually made from three fairly common ingredients. Gypsum powder (a common mineral), cyanoacrylate (a safe and non-toxic adhesive), and dyes for coloring. But the result is colorful matte finish with a fine textured surface.

How is it made?

Each colorkin is 3D Printed on Z-Corp printers by Shapeways. It starts as a fine powder made from gypsum, which is spread out over the print bed in a very very thin layer. The printer moves over the powder applying an adhesive agent and dyes, in just the right areas. It repeats the process over and over building up from the bottom layer by layer until your creature is ready to be brought to life. These tiny granules of gypsum powder are what give your creature its signature sandstone like texture and matte finish.

Are Colorkins toys?

In the legal sense, the answer is no. We don't do any of the rigorous testing and reporting that is required by law. Though it's not because we don't think our product is safe. We just don't really feel it is fitting to call it a toy. It has some toy-like qualities, and may resemble a toy. But, we think of our creatures as a reward for the experience of creating. They're sort of hybrid between an art project, a decoration, a trophy, a pet, and something that might resemble something that could be called a toy. was created as a fun way to experience the magic of 3D printing for both young and old alike. For more information about who we are, and to read our story, click here to visit the "About Us" page.

How do I care for my colorkin?

The best way to care for your colorkin is to treat it as you would a small animal. Be gentle with it. The strength of the 3D Printed material is similar to a hard plastic. It is strong, but if pushed too far, or dropped from a very tall height, it can break. One thing to make a special note of, is that colorkins do not like water. The dyes used are water based and non-toxic. So, if your colorkin does come into contact with water, it can leave a stain or fade the dye. If you're feeling adventurous or maybe just a little crafty. You can add a clear coat to protect it from dirt and water. Spray enamels like Krylon or PlastiKote will do a great job and may even enhance the existing color in some cases.

When will my colorkin ship?

Each colorkin is custom and produced per your order. There is a production time of approximately 6 business days before your colorkin will ship. This is however only an approximation. Fluctuations in order volume can cause this to change slightly. As for the shipping time itself. There a multiple speeds available, each with a different costs. You will be able view and select the shipping time you prefer during checkout.

What do I do if there is a problem with the colorkin I received?

If for some reason there is an issue with the order, such as the item arrived broken, or has a defect of some sort, etc. The best thing to do is to contact shapeways customer service by filling out the contact form here. If for some reason that link is broken, you can email them directly at They have great customer service and can replace the item if there is a problem with it.

Who do I contact about other issues, such as problems on the website?

The best thing to do in this case is contact us here at colorkins using the form below.




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