Color and Create your very own 3D Printed Collectible Colokin Creatures.

If you like cute collectible kawaii creatures and other customizable collectables. You've come to the right place. Here you can create, color and decorate your own cute kawaii style creatures and other unique items. Each colorkin creature will be custom made and delivered right to your door. Click the button above to get started!

How do I get my own?

Our custom interface gives you a flat two dimensional surface to create your design onto, right on your screen with no special downloads or plugins and without leaving our website. You can paint with the brush tool, pick custom colors, and fill or blend large areas with color with gradients. All your changes are shown live in 3D on your screen so you can watch your creature come to life in real time.

How is it made?

Each creature is created individually with state of the art full color 3D printing technology. Harness the power of the future by creating your very own line of custom colorkin collectibles. More options and creatures are being added regularly.

What are they made out of?

"Sandstone" is a hard powder made from gypsum. During the printing process an adhesive agent is applied to hold the gypsum powder together as your creature is created layer by layer until it's ready to be brought to life. The tiny granules of gypsum powder give the product a smooth and slightly textured matte finish similar to that of actual sandstone.


Make it Cute!

Pip is the orginal cute kawaii creature of the colorkins family. Color and create your own cute kawaii style collectible of your very own. Endless crazy cute combinations with new expressions and accessories being added regularly. Create a full-fledged custom collectible for you and your friends.


Craft it Now!

Have you ever wanted to see your minecraft character in real life? We have! Now you can too. Download your minecraft character just by entering your user name. Use our skin editor to cusomize it. Choose from slim or classic character style. You can even enter your friends usernames.


Little Bear

The first new cuddly friend for your colorkins collection. Order today and join the fun to have your very own custom teddy bear friend designed by you and 3D printed just for you. We cannot BEAR waiting to see what you create!

New Minecraft Pendants


Check them out here!

While these pendants aren't cusomizable in the same way as our little creatures. They make a great gift for minecraft enthusiasts, and are available in a variety of materials and finishes. Choose from the EPIC 14karat Polished Gold, or the modest white plastic and paint it yourself. I personally like the steel finishes. But it's your style, you can choose.